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12 Camellia Frisbee Backpack Luxury Brand Disc Golf Bag

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12 Camellia Frisbee Backpack Luxury Brand Disc Golf Bag

  • The Disc Golf Bag provides suitable space to handle all of your disc golf needs. The Trooper can hold 18+ discs in its main compartment as well as a featured upper compartment that can hold anything from more discs to articles of clothing

  • The Disc Golf Bag features three additional pockets, handling all accessories needed for a full disc golf round. On one side of the disc golf bag, a drawstring-enclosed water bottle holder is featured, while sporting a valuables pocket above

  • The comes equipped with a padded set of straps as well as a padded back panel creating a very comfortable fit that is easy to carry for multiple rounds of disc golf. Engineered with a low center of gravity, the is certain to keep your discs and other belongings upright

  • Three external pockets for keys, wallet, phone, mini, scorecard, etc.

  • The Disc Golf Backpack features four color combinations including the bright heather blue and black option, heather gray and black option, black on black with contrasting white logos and silver zippers, as well as an arctic camouflage option


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