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Weierken is a typical representative of the global business bag brand. The creator devoted fully to Weierken in pursuit of classic and high-quality bag.  Business people from around the world , accompanied by the fashion and functional bag, more easily play talents at career life. That is the source of inspiration of Weierken brand.
Paid attention to every little detail,  with the combination of superior fabrics, extraordinary design and exquisite craft, the meaningful and classic product is finally presented.
With the connotation of brand heritage,we attach more importance on the backpack function and aesthetic value during design process.

While demonstrating the power of the brand, Weierken also challenges the art and design community. The design of Weierken which is not bound by any traditional style fully meet the modern’s aspiration and reverence to the business trip.
With the constant pursuit of excellence,we make the backpacks’ quality an extremely high-level in recent years. Every edge and stitch is a perfect interpretation of the innovative visual and elegant craft work. So far, Weierken has created many classic designs,which stunning the world  and also laid the brand in the mind of the global consumers with their beauty of cleanliness  and simplicity.


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